Friday, 14 February 2014

Love my way

Happy Valentines Day!

I don't know if you buy into it or not but for me on this day of love I come over all gooey, giddy and cheerful.

I don't run out and spend a load of money on pop up heart cards and boxed choccy though for me it is a chance to finally get around to making that something special from the heart for those I love most, my boys - big and small

Here are my valentine offerings to them

A washi sticker succulent message for my man - saying it with succulents this year

For my biggest little man a mini version in the colour of the day

I have also been super keen to make wreaths because I was excited about the idea at Christmas but time got away from me so when I saw these heart rings at a craft supplier the other day I was inspired to take my beautiful berried brush cherry foliage and have a go

It turns out teething babies don't care about valentines day so my ambitious start ended in just the one - wonky but wonderful wreath of love for my loves

I am pleased how it turned out for a first kind of rushed attempt and can't wait to think up an easter wreath idea.

I hope you feel the love today wherever you are and whoever you get to share it with.
Love is all we need, but some pretty plants are good too.

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