Saturday, 30 June 2012

Rock My World - Faking it with felt

Bringing the 'rock' into your life is not always easy or soft and cosy, especially indoors - but there is a way - fake it with felt.

Here are some of my favourite felted rocks - big small and floor.

First are stone 'cushions' and seat/lounges from Livingstones. They look like great fun but I can also imagine curling up and lazying like a lizard in the sun on the larger ones.

Below, outdoor felted boulder cushions by designer Ronél Jordaan. They are resin covered for protection. At first I found these strange, why would you not just have the real thing? I then thought through all the logistic and environmental issues and realised they are quite the practical, and aesthetically pleasing, solution. She also makes indoor cushions
and rugs.

Below is a woolen felt Pebble carpet that can be made in custom sizes and colours by designer Ksenia Stanishevski of 2Form. Imagine the massaging quality of this underfoot.

There are more beautiful cushions small and large in a range of colours via

It seems rocks or pebbles are a favourite subject for felters as there is a huge range of mini felted stones available via Etsy - here are just some I would love to hold and display. I think they would look beautiful in carved wooden bowls on a coffee table, adding a cosy winter touch - they are also kid friendly, tactile and reasonable.

If you can't take it fake it and if you can't make it buy it. Felt rocks!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Rock My World - Crochet

It is hard to improve on nature but if anything is going to, in my opinion, crochet will.

The crocheted pebbles below are by Margaret Ooman, whose work and lovely nature images you can see more of via her lovely blog Resurrection Fern.

Sadly her etsy shop is currently closed but there are other talented and like minded souls out there doing similar. So if like me you covet these but as yet lack the skills to pull it off yourself there is a way to make them yours. Below is a favourite from etsy store Monicaj. If you have the skills (please teach me - I will bake) here is a tutorial via craft blog to do the same.

Found Friday

I went for a little finding outing today - very briefly. I love to look at the children's book section of op shops in the hope of finding a little vintage or classic gem. I never overlook the torn or falling apart ones as often the illustrations are beautiful enough to be framed art in their own right. I would never consider breaking up a perfectly good book to produce art for the walls, books are sacred like that, but if the book has seen better days then they are worth a look for a single page that is perfect. I found a book today that was just that 'A Home for Bunny' - it isn't that old, a printing from 1983, but the original book was published in 1956. Here is the page I have taken from it with an idea of the frame I will put around it. I think it would be beautiful in a little boys nursery or possibly twins "And that was his home".

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rock My World Day - Zen Step

I came across this image below via the website for the magazine. It features articles on all things design including houses.

This image is from a home north of Copenhagen. On seeing it I was impressed by the sense of grounded-ness this would give you in your home - especially to walk over it with barefeet several times a day.

I have always had rocks or stones in my home - small ones from my travels and some larger ones but never on this beautiful scale and as not as part of the 'furniture'.

The architects included this stepping stone as a nod to zen architecture. “In most traditional wooden houses and temples in Japan, the house is lifted above the garden, and the transition is always marked by a sculptural stepping stone”.

It is another element in the layers of meaning and feeling in the design of this house whose name "hygge", which has no real direct equivalent in English, in Danish describes the warm, cozy feeling that develops when friends gather in a room withsome open flames (candlelight, fireplace), alcohol, and plenty of time to enjoy the experience. I want a bit of hygge!

You can see the whole house and read the full article here. While the design doesn't necessarily translate to an Australian aesthetic, being all white Nordic appropriate for the cold winters, the use of space and atmosphere are nice to visit.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

I have been inspired by a number of things - elemental, artistic, domestic - to list them all would give you far too much insight into the tangental nature of the workings of my brain - and most likely bore you to pieces - let's just say a number of things - to explore the roshambo of the design/art/decor world. By which I mean I am going to share with you all things Rock this week, Paper the next and you guessed it - Scissors after that. If there is time and inclination I could take it to the childhood extreme I remember and do Dynamite - which as we all know beats the rest - we will see.

For now here is my first Rock offering.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Warm Fuzzy Cuddlies

I am inspired by different textures in fabric, nature, installations and furnishings. I think texture is what takes a room or a space beyond a two dimensional experience and let's us inhabit it in a particular way. Be it a smooth cool bathroom with gloss tiles, polished concrete and stone for a fresh summer shower or a woollen knitted blanket, velvet cushion, brushed linen couch in fleece pyjamas for a winter nap.

We are tactile beings and visual texture in a space makes it special to look and the relationship with that texture makes it special to live in.

Subsequently I am on the look out for what I call textural treats all the time. You can see some of the textures that have caught my eye via my pin board Textural Treats. Some of them are things that I was drawn to and am compelled to touch - given the opportunity, others are purely visual but convey a texture I find desirable in some way.

Today I hit the texture jackpot. I did what I often do and followed a link to an image I found on pinterest that was interesting in some way but like Alice down the rabbit hole it lead me to something else - very unexpected but amazing none the less.

I came across the work of Eunsuk Hur, rather late it seems as there have been no updates since 2009 and I found a lot of blog posts and commentary on her work. Both images are via architecture blog. The first image shown is from a series called Nomadic Wonderland. The textiles are adaptable from wearable pieces to interior pieces and can be reconfigured in a number of ways. How practical this is I wonder but how beautiful there is no doubt. The other image is from the For Fashion range and you can see more via her website it is among many incredible pieces with each more breathtaking than the last, I struggled with showing just two.
I would love to see what Hur's working on now as these are some of the most beautiful textural treats I have ever seen.

While we are talking all things texture the other amazing textural treat I had this week was an introduction to the felt wall coverings
of UK based Anne Kyyrö Quinn, they are incredibly detailed, tactile and reflect light in interesting ways. She also makes lampshades, cushions and ottomans which sadly are not featured on her website but I some found products via

I am definitely now feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Found Friday

I have not managed to go for an op-shop for a long time - for me that is around a month - completely ages, so today I had to - I just had to.  Often when that is the case I come back empty handed with the anticipation of the thrill of a find not lived up to - Not today!

Today I further indulged my apple fetish when I found this apple serving bowl and 8 mini apple dishes. They are shown here on some green gingham napkins I also found - I am a sucker for gingham and these have scratch embroidery - they match one or two of the aprons in my collection.

I feel a vintage style dinner party coming on with Waldorf on the menu

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Disappearing Act

Hi there - apologies for my recent disappearing act. In case you missed it I was laid flat with a back injury then bogged down with overdue assignments as a result. The back is almost mended and the assignments are almost done so here I am - ta da!

I have been inspired by my own disappearing act to share with you some clever, and beautiful, disappearing acts I have
recently discovered.

This table, chair and bookcase combo called 'As If From Nowhere' by Orla Reynolds I saw recently via Dezeen is fun and clever -
I love the colour, it reminds me of a Rubik's Cube, and I love how it can fit together in so many configurations.

Mauricio Affonso’s Transforming FAN Table, also seen via Dezeen and inhabit. This table cleverly changes shape in a number of ways but I think each is a nice piece of furniture in itself.
I love the material and the lightness of it - I would love to have a go at fanning this out.

I am also a fan (excuse the pun) of these folding bookshelves I saw via apartmenttherapy,
so simple and elegant.

I hope to not disappear like that again any time soon but if you have seen some great 'disappearing' acts in furniture or art or design recently I would love to hear about them.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Found Friday

Well I find myself still mostly laid flat this week, although immensely improved, so my finding has been from a mattress in the virtual world rather than as an exploring adventurer in the physical one.

Favourite finds this week are both art based and what a punch of colour they have been to brighten my mood. Would love to have them permanently on my walls to do just that.

Geometric Art prints from Inaluxe
The colours and shapes in these have a real Art Deco feeling for me which is interesting because like the designers of the Art Deco period the designers from Inluxe were inspired by travel for the prints below. Part of their Atlas series, with more to come, these designs were inspired by the shape and form of geography as seen from a plane. The prints are only A4, from an original artwork, but the colour combinations are stunning and would be a real statement if they were combined with other prints on an art wall.

Paintings by Miranda Skoczek 
These whimsical, bright and mysterious paintings below by Australian artist Miranda Skoczek really caught my eye. There are so many beautiful works in her collection I found it hard to select just a few but as I am on a bit of an animal inspiration decor kick this week I selected these. I hope you are as delighted and uplifted by them as I was.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Animal instincts

While searching for statement cushions recently I came across some beautiful animal inspired finds on etsy.
These are the next best thing to having a cosy pet to curl up with you on the couch.

These from UK based helkatdesign are definite favourites. The muted tones and natural fabrics take me to nature.
There are a number of ranges but their dog and hare cushions are my favourites.

A different take are these bright and beautiful knitted treats from nervousstitch.
I love the tufted bunny tails and they have more cosy offerings like hot water bottle covers and blankys.

These beautiful feathered friends from Mirthquake are a real statement they take art off the walls and let you cuddle it.
I gasped when I saw these and found it hard to decide what to show you but here is a selection.

Last but not least are these characterful offerings from HeavenlyCreaturesArt.
They are very striking and while I'm not sure of the application of the prints to some of the other items they sell,
like phone cases, I think the tactile quality of cushions works with these intense images to comfortably bring
a wild friend into your home.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Found Friday

Oh no I nearly let a 2nd Friday go by without a mention of a single find. Last week's excuse was I was feeling a little less than inspired and I was sure you would know I was faking it if I even attempted. The reason I was feeling uninspired is very much related to this week's excuse - I have been flat on my back with a compressed disc in my spine and loaded up on my friends pain killers 1, 2 & 3.

The first incident occurred on the 20th and while I thought I was on the mend a little task like putting a pram in the car a few days ago reminded me that it was definitely not the case. I am not telling you this to feel sorry for me and I indeed have been trying my best to not feel sorry for myself as well because despite my pain and incapacitation there have been worse things going on in the lives of people I know and in the world generally - I will get better. I am also very grateful that I have had a major help in doing so with the support of my family - how lucky am I? So in light of all this my favourite find this week - and last - is this garland.

I don't necessarily go in for a lot of positive affirmation slogans and especially am not one for displaying them - the occasional print out stuck to the fridge maybe, but this says it for me right now. It sums it up beautifully - I am thinking of making one myself for the house because it is good to be reminded every now and then and as far as I see it today really it could be - worse that is.