Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Warm Fuzzy Cuddlies

I am inspired by different textures in fabric, nature, installations and furnishings. I think texture is what takes a room or a space beyond a two dimensional experience and let's us inhabit it in a particular way. Be it a smooth cool bathroom with gloss tiles, polished concrete and stone for a fresh summer shower or a woollen knitted blanket, velvet cushion, brushed linen couch in fleece pyjamas for a winter nap.

We are tactile beings and visual texture in a space makes it special to look and the relationship with that texture makes it special to live in.

Subsequently I am on the look out for what I call textural treats all the time. You can see some of the textures that have caught my eye via my pin board Textural Treats. Some of them are things that I was drawn to and am compelled to touch - given the opportunity, others are purely visual but convey a texture I find desirable in some way.

Today I hit the texture jackpot. I did what I often do and followed a link to an image I found on pinterest that was interesting in some way but like Alice down the rabbit hole it lead me to something else - very unexpected but amazing none the less.

I came across the work of Eunsuk Hur, rather late it seems as there have been no updates since 2009 and I found a lot of blog posts and commentary on her work. Both images are via architecture blog. The first image shown is from a series called Nomadic Wonderland. The textiles are adaptable from wearable pieces to interior pieces and can be reconfigured in a number of ways. How practical this is I wonder but how beautiful there is no doubt. The other image is from the For Fashion range and you can see more via her website it is among many incredible pieces with each more breathtaking than the last, I struggled with showing just two.
I would love to see what Hur's working on now as these are some of the most beautiful textural treats I have ever seen.

While we are talking all things texture the other amazing textural treat I had this week was an introduction to the felt wall coverings
of UK based Anne Kyyrö Quinn, they are incredibly detailed, tactile and reflect light in interesting ways. She also makes lampshades, cushions and ottomans which sadly are not featured on her website but I some found products via

I am definitely now feeling all warm and fuzzy.

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