Friday, 8 June 2012

Found Friday

Well I find myself still mostly laid flat this week, although immensely improved, so my finding has been from a mattress in the virtual world rather than as an exploring adventurer in the physical one.

Favourite finds this week are both art based and what a punch of colour they have been to brighten my mood. Would love to have them permanently on my walls to do just that.

Geometric Art prints from Inaluxe
The colours and shapes in these have a real Art Deco feeling for me which is interesting because like the designers of the Art Deco period the designers from Inluxe were inspired by travel for the prints below. Part of their Atlas series, with more to come, these designs were inspired by the shape and form of geography as seen from a plane. The prints are only A4, from an original artwork, but the colour combinations are stunning and would be a real statement if they were combined with other prints on an art wall.

Paintings by Miranda Skoczek 
These whimsical, bright and mysterious paintings below by Australian artist Miranda Skoczek really caught my eye. There are so many beautiful works in her collection I found it hard to select just a few but as I am on a bit of an animal inspiration decor kick this week I selected these. I hope you are as delighted and uplifted by them as I was.

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  1. Love the Inaluxe prints. Thank you for introducing me to some possible new artwork for my white walls. They are desperate for some new artwork to make them HAPPY. x