Friday, 14 February 2014

Love my way

Happy Valentines Day!

I don't know if you buy into it or not but for me on this day of love I come over all gooey, giddy and cheerful.

I don't run out and spend a load of money on pop up heart cards and boxed choccy though for me it is a chance to finally get around to making that something special from the heart for those I love most, my boys - big and small

Here are my valentine offerings to them

A washi sticker succulent message for my man - saying it with succulents this year

For my biggest little man a mini version in the colour of the day

I have also been super keen to make wreaths because I was excited about the idea at Christmas but time got away from me so when I saw these heart rings at a craft supplier the other day I was inspired to take my beautiful berried brush cherry foliage and have a go

It turns out teething babies don't care about valentines day so my ambitious start ended in just the one - wonky but wonderful wreath of love for my loves

I am pleased how it turned out for a first kind of rushed attempt and can't wait to think up an easter wreath idea.

I hope you feel the love today wherever you are and whoever you get to share it with.
Love is all we need, but some pretty plants are good too.

A new years play on words

Happy not so New Year! I'm doing well in 2014 I'm only a month and a half late.

Have you had a great start to 2014? Did you have a great new years? We spent ours travelling between friends and family visiting 3 different places to make sure we saw those we loved one last time in the year that was 2013. It was tiring but really nice too. The year seems to have continued in the same vein hence my neglect here.

I also made a new years resolution this year, nothing too grand, ambitious or complicated just one word

A simple word to mean a lot of things and nothing too serious at the same time.

A reminder to allow my boys as much play as possible, to join in as much play as possible with them but also to take time out with my partner and have fun together - just us - which doesn't happen often enough. It's a word I will place at the forefront of my mind to remember to experiment, participate and find the fun side of life - so simple but so powerful for me right now.

Happy belated 2014 everyone I hope you also get to play all year - whatever that means for you.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Found Friday

The first Found Fridays for the new year

a vase that when I saw it had my sisters name all over it - or the next best thing: pink and green flowers, seen here along some flowers I found on a walk - her favourite hydrangeas which sadly didn't make it until I could give her both.

And the other great finds of the week - his and hers needlepoints although if truth be told we both like both of them. I can't wait to find a space for them in the unofficial needlepoint gallery our garage/office/workshop has become.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A very belated Merry Cheer

Where did December go I hear you ask? It has 11 months before it to warn me it's coming but somehow December always takes me by surprise. With Christmas, a few birthdays, end of year parties, concerts, cooking, shopping and decorating it seems to whir by me and dump me in January in a daze.

With the arrival of a little one of our own in our house this year Christmas was a little more low key than last years neon Christmas effort but I still thought it was bright and cheerful.

It all started when I found a garland of owls - 4 to be precise - and as we became a family of 4 this year it was perfect; daddy, mummy and 2 little baby owls. What's more it was red, my favourite colour and spots and gingham - it was made for me right?

And here is what they sparked off - I found some red and white spot and red and white star ribbons in my op shop stash, I threw up a crochet tablecover over the bookcase as a bback drop, found more red and white decorations at a bargain store, some spotted paper chain at a party supply store, pulled out my santa cross stitches and old red and green tins and voila xmas was a red and white spot, stripe and gingham affair at ours this year.

When all was done we realised the tree was still a little bare and we decided to make some himmel style decorations using paper straws and this tutorial From Nalle's House discovered on pinterest. I need to work on technique a little to be neater and more efficient but it wasn't too hard - I may get more elaborate with them next year?

All that was left to do was wrap the presents

And start the festivities. I am hoping December doesn't catch me out this year, I think maybe I will pretend November is the start of the silly season and maybe it will feel a little less silly come December. I hope you had a colourful, bright and fun filled Christmas with your loved ones.