Friday, 20 April 2012

Found Friday

This week was all about finding clothes for me (second hand of course) - not that I didn't look for other things, or for that matter went specifically looking for clothes it just sometimes turns out that way. Here are some of the new/old or old/new members of my wardrobe and below pictures of them with some current friends I imagine might keep them company.

Kimono style with just 2 of my endless supply of red beads

I was gifted this scarf below by my beautiful sister in-law (and friend) Sarah - right off her neck. I think I must have driven her mad with how many times I complemented her on it and she handed it over before she flew back home to Ireland - I don't know if I have ever rocked it as well as she did with her lovely flowing curls.

This top reminded me of several horsey, stabley, buckley related scarves in my collection - I had hoped to show you them as well but alas they have been buried in the move - time to start digging for them and the rest of my winter wardrobe. I imagine this over black skinny jeans, a black polo neck with my red pointy flats - we will see if I pull this off.

This hand knitted long vest is definitely a 70's esq colour palette. Here with the scarf I scored on my recent holidays (see Found Friday from 2 few weeks back) and the gorgeous mushroom brooch Craig gave to me some birthdays ago - it is from Elk - I love love love their stuff.

And so continues my spots, stripes and patterntastic joyfulness. As I said the other day, in my less than experienced fashion review Falling for pattern, I am no fashionista I am however a clothes and accessories addict - one day I will have the walk in wardrobe to match it and Craig can stop complaining about the floordrobe. A girl can dream can't she Carrie?

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