Friday, 31 August 2012

Found Friday

The finding this week has been slim - some wardrobe additions to add to the list of ones I need to don and snap for you (including a pair of oversized blue and white stripe harem style pants ready and raring for a bright spring day) and these little bitsy's

A floral tin with a beautiful rust most would say means it's had it's days - for me they are only just beginning.

This cute little floral pin cushion - 2 pins max it's so small (not really but it is wee) that seemed to go beautifully with the little pods I collected on a walk in the local botanic gardens to make into sailing boats with some play-dough, paper and tooth picks - I will let you know the race results when they are in.

And while we are on the sailing boat theme this divine scrap of fabric (about 1.5 x 1 metre) - hopefully making it's way onto a mixed fabric cushion soon.

And here is my favourite Instagram pic from the week - my finds on the shelf in my old kitchen - I found this photo
and it made me miss this much space to display my happy things - note to self include plenty of shelving in the new kitchen design

I hope you sail through your weekend with a smile and a happy surprising find or two.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Patina Inspiration

I recently went to Cockatoo Island in Sydney to see the installations there as part of the Sydney Biennale. It was a gorgeous day and while we didn't see as much of the art as we would like (little people sometimes have other ideas than standing still) it was a great day with family and friends.

The art was inspiring but, and not to discount it in any way, for me I was so inspired by the beautiful patina of the sensitively restored convict buildings up on top of the hill.

The layering of materials, texture and the overlay of colours with chipped away paint in various shades revealing weathered stone, tin and brick inspire me no end.

Here is my day in images.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Finding Weeds as good as flowers

I mentioned in yesterday's Found Friday that I had been weed gathering again but time and daylight escaped me to show you so I thought I would share the little weed arrangements with you this morning - I also picked up the stick you see because of the most beautiful delicate and lovely shade of green moss on it. I find them as interesting and beautiful as many flowers I hope you do too.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Found Friday

I did some good finding this week - unfortunately I haven't managed to capture it all here to show you as I have assignments due and a little person who decided that he didn't need sleep today - ah well an excuse to show you more over the next week/s. In fact a lot of my findings are things for me to wear - spring things - spots and stripes and silk and clogs - bring on spring - so I will have to wear them and show you that way - come on warmer weather you're almost here.

Here are the finding highlights of the week.

Number one is this needlepoint - yes I am obsessed but this might well be the best yet. It caught my eye immediately then I was excited as I am planning a woodlands themed bedroom for the little man when he changes rooms after the renovation (I keep talking about it but it will happen - plans to show you soon if I get my act together and find time instead of needlepoints). After consideration though he might not get it and he may have to share it with us somewhere more prominent as I like it soooo much.

Orange floral pillowcases - these add the zing to the bed I was looking for. I also found 2 of them in pink but that may be a step too far in the girly direction for a room I share with the fella.

I have gathered quite a few of these Nana style coat hangers and I am mad for Poly knit (at least I think that's what it's called and I found a whole bag of it in neon colours a while ago and have a project in mind for it I hope to share with you soon) This though is a very fine example indeed.

Gingham and cross stitch - was there a better match ever made? Yellow and black tablecloth in the aforementioned 'love in' combo needing an iron and a tea party on my dining table.

A favourite find, and one that has been a while in the finding, is this little yellow table - you may recall when I found these little yellow chairs pictured with it, part of a Found Friday all the way back in March - proof that persistence and obsessive op shopping do pay off. I am still in 2 minds about painting part of the top in chalk paint - maybe as a cross pattern so there are 4 segments - and maybe a colour not black hmmm?? I will let you know - I do know that it is already a hit.

Lastly a little sneak peek of some pre-arrangment weed collections from my walk this afternoon - time and daylight have escaped me to show you them as they are now but stay tuned
Happy finding for a fabulous weekend - I am assignmenting and finding second wins and also hopefully inspiration
as I check out some art at the Biennale with friends and family. Let me know what you get up to and if you find anything special.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Found Friday

I think I have more than made up for the lack of findings last week - I certainly have coloured my own world happy - I hope you like them too.

The first are these most lovely trinkety plastic apple container baubles - I swooned when I saw them thinking about what I could put inside each pot of plastic coloured perfection but I also just loved them as they are - I had to hang them up and show you just how lovely they are - they also made me think of Christmas.

Even before I found these I had already thought about doing a neon and silver christmas this year inspired by these neon pink ribbons I found the other week attached to trees and fences and left after a local primary school around the corner finished it's fun run - like a good little orienteer I collected each one with the idea of tying them to a branch for a Christmas pop of colour difference.

How perfectly do they sit together

I have been a lucky girl this week - here is another little treasure I uncovered at a recycle centre while looking for parts for a lamp project for Tafe. I don't mind at all that it has been cut up - I'm not a purist like that - in fact the cut outs give me some beautiful little windows through to the next page

This little cable spool I also found at the recycle centre will become my sons bedside table when we transition to a big boy bed and redo his room after the renovation. I had to laugh at myself returning to my university furniture days but the colour could not be passed. The central column is currently black but I bought the orange rope to wrap around and the colours hum together - I just need more rope and it's done. Then the big boy bed - am I ready?
And lastly I have been really enjoying finding flowers around the yard - with the exception of the lavender which was a gift from my mother in-law from her much more floral garden the rest are surprise finds in my own back and front yards - loving the startings of spring - I hope you get to enjoy some good weather this weekend as it starts to creep to warmer days.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Roshambo - The final blast

OK I couldn't resist - when I played Rock, Paper, Scissors as a kid someone always tried to outsmart the game with dynamite - basically a thumbs up symbol with a clenched fist - and dynamite beat the lot.

These might not beat the Rock, Paper or Scissor posts that have gone before but they are a blast.


Scissors - That made the cut

So the final week of my three week Roshambo fest (Rock, Paper and Scissor) is up.

All the blog posts on Rocks can be seen via Rock My Round Up.
And those on paper can be seen via Paper - All wrapped up

This week I have just finished Scissors - and if you are thinking that was a long week sorry my definition of a week is a little lose again.

Here are the Scissors that made the cut

Scissors - First Cut - The beautifully simple graphic silk screen print by artist Alanna Cavanagh 

Scissors - Beauty and Utility - Some covetable cutters

Scissors - Drawn at 20 paces - A sustainable sketch book to inspire your doodling and craftiness

Scissors - So Styled_ish - Scissors a stylists best friend - lovely vignettes from the professional displayers

Scissors - She cuts it fine - My sister, my favourite snipper

Scissors - Cut and paste up - Wall decals of imperfect beauty - and some odd little sketches of my own

And there it is the last of the Roshambo's

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey of Rock, Paper and Scissors. Have you had a favourite? I would love to hear what it was. I think I could have done all of then another 2 times over again at least for all the rock, paper and scissor inspired designs, artworks and images I haven't shown you. Maybe we can have another game sometime.

Scissors - Cut and paste up

The last of my scissor snippets are these cute little wall decals from The Wall Sticker Company

They are by Grace Lee and include scissors - along with the other kitchen related items

I think I like them so much because they remind me of some of my recent less than perfect sketches of domestic items for a class exercise. I have done these and am quite happy with them in their imperfect oddity. I was intimidated by drawing, and I still am a little, but having to sketch for class is freeing that up and I figure now why not just give it a try - I draw what I see, mess and imperfections and all and while I will never be an illustrator extraordinaire these might just make it to my kitchen wall along with Grace Lee's.

And as the director says - 'Cut' - that's it for scissors - a full run down of scissors and the three Roshambo (Rock, Paper, Scissors) weeks to come.

Scissors - She cuts it fine

I could hardly do a week of scissors and not mention hairdressers - but not just any - my big sis.

Hairdressers are oft undervalued artisans. There is a lot of technique and artistry that goes into being a hairdresser, not to mention science and business skill. I think most women feel much better with the perfect do - and it doesn't just happen.

For my sister it was definitely a calling - just check this picture out - I think she was only about 5 here - styling my other sisters hair.

She always knew she wanted to and could do it - and she does - cut it fine that is, and colour and style. 
I was hoping to show you a selection of my favourite styles she has given me over the years but haven't managed to dig those up but they've included a favourite nineties do - a short cut with a blonde fringe ala Suze Demarchi of the Baby Animals - below

If you ever find yourself in the NSW Northern Rivers in need of a seriously good snip (and a tint, highlight, foil and style) - I can recommend, without bias, an artist I know - KulaByTara - look her up - she's been practicing a long time.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Scissors - So Styled_ish

Scissors are a stylists best friend it seems (note to self).

Not only are they a handy little tool but they are the perfect form to give life to many a vignette or display - here is but a few lovely examples of style me happy images that made the cut