Thursday, 16 August 2012

Scissors - She cuts it fine

I could hardly do a week of scissors and not mention hairdressers - but not just any - my big sis.

Hairdressers are oft undervalued artisans. There is a lot of technique and artistry that goes into being a hairdresser, not to mention science and business skill. I think most women feel much better with the perfect do - and it doesn't just happen.

For my sister it was definitely a calling - just check this picture out - I think she was only about 5 here - styling my other sisters hair.

She always knew she wanted to and could do it - and she does - cut it fine that is, and colour and style. 
I was hoping to show you a selection of my favourite styles she has given me over the years but haven't managed to dig those up but they've included a favourite nineties do - a short cut with a blonde fringe ala Suze Demarchi of the Baby Animals - below

If you ever find yourself in the NSW Northern Rivers in need of a seriously good snip (and a tint, highlight, foil and style) - I can recommend, without bias, an artist I know - KulaByTara - look her up - she's been practicing a long time.

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