Friday, 17 August 2012

Found Friday

I think I have more than made up for the lack of findings last week - I certainly have coloured my own world happy - I hope you like them too.

The first are these most lovely trinkety plastic apple container baubles - I swooned when I saw them thinking about what I could put inside each pot of plastic coloured perfection but I also just loved them as they are - I had to hang them up and show you just how lovely they are - they also made me think of Christmas.

Even before I found these I had already thought about doing a neon and silver christmas this year inspired by these neon pink ribbons I found the other week attached to trees and fences and left after a local primary school around the corner finished it's fun run - like a good little orienteer I collected each one with the idea of tying them to a branch for a Christmas pop of colour difference.

How perfectly do they sit together

I have been a lucky girl this week - here is another little treasure I uncovered at a recycle centre while looking for parts for a lamp project for Tafe. I don't mind at all that it has been cut up - I'm not a purist like that - in fact the cut outs give me some beautiful little windows through to the next page

This little cable spool I also found at the recycle centre will become my sons bedside table when we transition to a big boy bed and redo his room after the renovation. I had to laugh at myself returning to my university furniture days but the colour could not be passed. The central column is currently black but I bought the orange rope to wrap around and the colours hum together - I just need more rope and it's done. Then the big boy bed - am I ready?
And lastly I have been really enjoying finding flowers around the yard - with the exception of the lavender which was a gift from my mother in-law from her much more floral garden the rest are surprise finds in my own back and front yards - loving the startings of spring - I hope you get to enjoy some good weather this weekend as it starts to creep to warmer days.

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