Friday, 31 August 2012

Found Friday

The finding this week has been slim - some wardrobe additions to add to the list of ones I need to don and snap for you (including a pair of oversized blue and white stripe harem style pants ready and raring for a bright spring day) and these little bitsy's

A floral tin with a beautiful rust most would say means it's had it's days - for me they are only just beginning.

This cute little floral pin cushion - 2 pins max it's so small (not really but it is wee) that seemed to go beautifully with the little pods I collected on a walk in the local botanic gardens to make into sailing boats with some play-dough, paper and tooth picks - I will let you know the race results when they are in.

And while we are on the sailing boat theme this divine scrap of fabric (about 1.5 x 1 metre) - hopefully making it's way onto a mixed fabric cushion soon.

And here is my favourite Instagram pic from the week - my finds on the shelf in my old kitchen - I found this photo
and it made me miss this much space to display my happy things - note to self include plenty of shelving in the new kitchen design

I hope you sail through your weekend with a smile and a happy surprising find or two.

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