Friday, 3 August 2012

Found Friday

I am shamelessly enamoured with colour - if I see it I must have it. And not a specific colour or range of colours but any unexpected, inspiring or unique combination. It matters not the item in question, whether I need it or have a plan for it, if the colour catches my eye (and the price is right) the colour comes home with me. That is why I could never live in an all white or pared back space even though I admire it and dream of maybe holidaying somewhere like that.

One of my recent finds, via my sister, is the blog and online magazine Covet Garden. While they technically outdo me of a future job as a stylist and decorator I enjoy what they do. This issue they feature one such pared back home and I am impressed by it and the discipline it would take while knowing it could never be mine. Page 21 is a particular favourite - the hallway they feature is so soft I imagined the calm and gently wakeful feeling of walking into it first thing in the morning. Check it out here and if you like subscribe (as long as you continue to love homes that have been styled and decorated too).

Back to my colour obsession here are my Friday Finds.

A family of colour

A suitcase for toys - oh the puzzles that will call this home

A crochet blanky - I told you it doesn't matter if I need it, or how many I have - it's the colour

A riot of colour collection of children's coathangers - These are the ultimate in eye candy without a cause - for now - they are too pretty not to find a use for them

A collection of dishes of delectable colour especially when combined

A little dish - for poaching? now at home on my desk as an organiser

A pair of chinese enamel bowls

They are also joining a family - this large one, perched on a cute street find stool,  is currently my towel storage in the absence of a linen cupboard 

Another find this week is the phone app Instagram. I know I am a little late to it for some, to be honest I was resisting another thing that would have my head in my phone all the time. For those who aren't familiar it is a way of sharing photos where you can follow and like pics from others much like other social networking sites or apps. It comes with filters that can make your images appear retro for example. While I was right to assume it would have my head in my phone I was wrong to resist - it's so much fun and I am loving how it is making me see my world differently searching for subject matter. 

If you are on Instagram you can follow me @findanddandy if you so chose but if you are not you can see a mini updated feed of my shots right here on my blog. Just for a taste here are my 5 favourite shots so far.

I would love to hear what you have found this week, especially how it has coloured your life - or if you are on Instagram send me your user name so I can check out your pics too.

Happy weekend finding

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