Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Paper - All wrapped up

In case you missed it I am two thirds of my way through week long posts on Roshambo - Rock, Paper and Scissors.

All the blog posts on Rocks can be seen via Rock My Round Up.

This week I have just finished Paper - and if you are thinking that was a long week it was - a little dragged out I'm sorry.

Here is the Paper Wrap Up

Paper Party - All things Paper Decoration including Pom Poms

Paper Pedigree - Beautiful reclaimed paper artwork of Lizzie Buckmaster Dove

Paper - Parapets and Princes - Paper worlds to explore

Paper - The Perfect Pendant - The simple elegance of a white paper pendant

 Paper - Paste it Part 1 - Too many beautiful wallpapers to chose

Paper - Paste it Part 2 - I told you there were too many

Paper Pages - The magical cut book sculptures of Su Blackwell

Paper Planes - Up Up and away

Paper Presents - These are a few of my favourite things

And there you have it a plethora of paper posts - I can't promise the alliteration will stop but there will definitely be scissors here soon.

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