Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Paper - Planes

A few too many years ago (need a holiday) my partner and I went on a trip around South East Asia en-route to live in the UK for a few years. We took in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos and it was great.

A small but memorable part of the 3 month long travels was a visit to a paper making village outside of Chiang Mai in Thailand. I am embarrassed to say the name of the village escapes me but the reason it was memorable, apart from the beautiful handmade papers, was that as soon as we arrived we saw some children playing on a second story balcony of a house. They flew down to us a paper plane and I remember being amused and delighted, what else would children in a paper village play with?

Here are some 'paper' planes that have caught my eye.
Each image has a link that will take you on a journey to the crafty soul who made it

Paper - Pages

The paper posts are coming to a close and there is soooo much paper related art and craft I could show you but I have to draw the line somewhere however I can hardly do a week of paper without including books now can I? Books but not as we know them.

I am sure you are probably familiar with the recent trend of folded book pages sculptures - like this beautiful image by Curious Details.

Or the others that show incredible carved scenes made from old books.

They are beautiful and very clever but I have found and fallen in love with some works that have taken it just that bit further - they manage to retain the story at the heart of the book.

These amazing works are by artist Su Blackwell - Alice, A Mad Tea-Party and Little Red Riding Hood.

You can see more amazing book scultpures via her website Su Blackwell - and that is where I discovered this mad little moving sculpture video of her work The Merry-go-round. It feels to me very old world european fair ground and I was transported to a vintage european summer holiday in a foreign film where I was wearing a red polka dot dress eating an ice-cream - I hope you are transported too!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Found Friday

This week I have found the time for an FF - unlike last week which was given over to another FF - Ferocious Flu. Feeling better now finally - and it's a gorgeous sunny day.

Here is this weeks favourite finds. They seemed like a little family of finds to me so I snapped them together first.

Donkey - this is exactly as I found him, cocktail picks and all - it was the colours that appealed to me firstly but I also am a fan of donkeys - as you can see via my pin board 'That'll Do Donkey, That'll Do". I am not sure where he will live but I know I can't take those picks out just yet.

Lace and embroidered  hankies - so pretty

Little jars of cuteness. I don't know what these are exactly - they are the size of glitter containers but I found little white lolly type things in one and no I am not trying it to find out. I have no idea what they will become yet, maybe they will just continue to delight me with their colours like they did on seeing them.

Needlepoint house. I think I have been channeling my girly side this week as it is the pale blues, pinks and yellows in this that grabbed my eye. I am building towards a needlepoint mini gallery of my own I think.

A unicorn. I included my sons drawing at first just because I liked it but then I turned it this way and found a Unicorn - can you see it? I am not suggesting he is an artistic child genius - he still eats the crayons sometimes if I am not looking - but his random scribbles are precious to me.

I hope you like my random little family of finds. For me they they all relate and are a reflection of my mood expressed in colour and quirkiness - the sun is shining and it's getting warmer - maybe spring arrived early for me this week?

Paper - Paste it Part 2

If you managed to catch my post Paper - Paste it Part 1 yesterday you will know that my love of wallpaper and pattern in general is such that a decision on a handful of great papers to show you was just too much for this multifarious Gemini so I am showing you loads of favourites (you should see how many haven't made this cut). I think there may be some more wallpaper posts in the future even when this Roshambo (Rock, Paper Scissors) fest is over.

This is, perhaps, my softer side 

From Left to Right
  1. Cole & Sons Hummingbirds
  2. Grow House Grow Christopher in Cornflour
  3. Studio Ditte Button
  4. Wall & Deco (Life 12) Drawing
  5. Cath Kidston Boats
  6. Abigail Edwards Seascape Winter
  7. Aimee Wilder Snow Scene
  8. Hygge & West by Julia Rothman Daydream white
  9. Nlxl by Piet Hein Ekk Scrapwood
  10. Minakan Lab Birds
  11. Studio Nommo Raindrops
  12. Aimee Wilder Clouds

Here are some of my favourite applications of the above

I would love to know if you have a favourite from this or from yesterday's papers? Better still I would love to see pics of your favourites - send me links via comments below or facebook and twitter (see above) or for more of my pattern loving ways follow my board Prints Charming on Pinterest.

Imagine the decision making process at my place when I have walls of my own to paste pretty - oh my!

Paper - Paste It Part 1

What is the definition of almost impossible? A pattern loving Gemini with an interior design bent and an eclectic taste choosing a small selection of favourite wallpapers to show you. Almost impossible and agonisingly good as I have had to look and look and look at wallpaper after wallpaper - torture!

I love wallpaper! I can't wait until I can paste it all over a house to add the character, depth and texture it so brilliantly can. It might take me a while to decide though as you can see.

I couldn't chose one, two or even 10 to show you so I here are many beautiful, graphic, clever, colourful and room altering papers for your pleasure - more to come. I suspect that if I were to do this next week it would be totally different again. Who said Gemini's are fickle?

From Left to Right
  1. Ferm Living Dotty Yellow Paper
  2. Cole & Sons Woods
  3. Room Seven Check Red
  4. Fine Little Day Mountains
  5. Miss Print Mountains
  6. Fine Little Day Gran
  7. Nama Rococo Random Geometry
  8. Minakani Lab Mosaic
  9. Wall & Deco (Big Brand 10) Dream Town
  10. Cath Kidston Woodstock Rose
  11. Erica Wakerly Houses
  12. Nlxl Concrete Wallpaper by Piet Boon Concrete
Here are some of my favourite applications of the above. 

I am narrowing it down - maybe - until I see the next one.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Paper - The Perfect Pendants

Sorry once again for my hiatus on the paper parade - I have been temporarily waylaid by a flu like lurgy and a had a few busy days.

One of my busy day activities yesterday took me on a photo shoot to gain some work experience with a fantastic stylist and see how it all comes together - an amazing opportunity and a great day.

Paper lamps and lanterns have indeed been on my 'Paper' to do list and as it turns out the beautiful home in Palm Beach where the photo shoot took place featured a large and beautiful Noguchi paper pendant, much like this one below, over the dining table.

While leading up to this post I have researched and gathered many beautiful paper light, lantern and lamp creations to show you seeing this reminded me that the beauty and simplicity of a simple white round paper pendant, especially on a beautiful scale like this in a space with high ceilings, or a grouping of simple white shades on mass is often all the statement that is needed.

I have pretty much always had smaller scale cheaper versions of white paper pendants in my home and while this started out of necessity due to their affordability I think I will now give them a little more respect. I hope you have enjoyed their simple elegance too. I promise I will save up some of the other paper lamps and lanterns I have discovered on the way for another post in the not too distant future - you can never have enough lamps I say!

You can find the original source for any image that takes your fancy via my Pinterest boards 
Trip the Light Fantastic and Weddings Parties Anything

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Paper - A tissue a tissue

My only paper related post today I'm sorry - this cold has a good hold. Back soon with wallpaper, lanterns, more paper art and a wrap up. Hope your weekend is happy and healthy.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Paper - Parapets and Princes

Tonight my paper post should really be about tissues as I am going through them like crazy with a savage cold but they are a bit gross - I will keep this short but hopefully still sweet.

Here are some paper worlds to explore, get lost in and rule over. How dreamy

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Paper Pedigree

I first came across the work of artist Lizzie Buckmaster Dove in a feature on her sigh worthy home in Country Style Magazine here is a look at that feature so you can be as delighted by it as me.

Her work was some of the first carved and folded book artwork, that seems to be so prevalent now, I had seen and I think it is arguably some of the best. Her work, while not as 'spectacular' as some others I have seen, goes beyond using recycled paper products, including books and paint chips, to make decoration and the works are more narrative with lovely and intriguing surprises.

All images via NG Art Gallery where you can see more of her lovely works on in and of paper.

A History of Flight

On Green

Untitled Cabinet

Cluster of Ideas Essence

Tide Project, Things to be Forgotten, Australia ii

Monday, 16 July 2012

Paper - Party

As promised here is the start of the second roshambo instalment - Paper, and as we are about to embark on a week long paper celebration I thought I would kick it off with all things paper in the party department - specifically inspiring paper decoration.

I created my own paper pom pom's, cake bunting topper and favour box creations for my little man's 1st birthday last December which you can see here.

I was first introduced to the beauty of these simple but effective paper pom poms by a design teacher of mine at a class celebration - I then went hunting for the Marta Stewart tutorial and it really is very easy - and so adaptable - here are some great applications.

Here are some other favourite celebrations in paper from some crafty people

The paper chain - a childhood favourite and still so festive

Breathtaking paper wheel installations

Garland's galore - I especially love the paper doilies

Cupcake conversions

And all we need is love

I hope you are inspired to get crafty for your next shindig there are so many ideas here I want to try I may just have to invent reasons to party - what a shame!