Friday, 27 July 2012

Paper - Paste it Part 2

If you managed to catch my post Paper - Paste it Part 1 yesterday you will know that my love of wallpaper and pattern in general is such that a decision on a handful of great papers to show you was just too much for this multifarious Gemini so I am showing you loads of favourites (you should see how many haven't made this cut). I think there may be some more wallpaper posts in the future even when this Roshambo (Rock, Paper Scissors) fest is over.

This is, perhaps, my softer side 

From Left to Right
  1. Cole & Sons Hummingbirds
  2. Grow House Grow Christopher in Cornflour
  3. Studio Ditte Button
  4. Wall & Deco (Life 12) Drawing
  5. Cath Kidston Boats
  6. Abigail Edwards Seascape Winter
  7. Aimee Wilder Snow Scene
  8. Hygge & West by Julia Rothman Daydream white
  9. Nlxl by Piet Hein Ekk Scrapwood
  10. Minakan Lab Birds
  11. Studio Nommo Raindrops
  12. Aimee Wilder Clouds

Here are some of my favourite applications of the above

I would love to know if you have a favourite from this or from yesterday's papers? Better still I would love to see pics of your favourites - send me links via comments below or facebook and twitter (see above) or for more of my pattern loving ways follow my board Prints Charming on Pinterest.

Imagine the decision making process at my place when I have walls of my own to paste pretty - oh my!

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