Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Paper - Pages

The paper posts are coming to a close and there is soooo much paper related art and craft I could show you but I have to draw the line somewhere however I can hardly do a week of paper without including books now can I? Books but not as we know them.

I am sure you are probably familiar with the recent trend of folded book pages sculptures - like this beautiful image by Curious Details.

Or the others that show incredible carved scenes made from old books.

They are beautiful and very clever but I have found and fallen in love with some works that have taken it just that bit further - they manage to retain the story at the heart of the book.

These amazing works are by artist Su Blackwell - Alice, A Mad Tea-Party and Little Red Riding Hood.

You can see more amazing book scultpures via her website Su Blackwell - and that is where I discovered this mad little moving sculpture video of her work The Merry-go-round. It feels to me very old world european fair ground and I was transported to a vintage european summer holiday in a foreign film where I was wearing a red polka dot dress eating an ice-cream - I hope you are transported too!

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