Thursday, 5 July 2012

Rock My World - Gardens

There are something shifts in scale and location  throughout this post - from the grand, impressive and no expenses spared rooftop of a a bank in Washington to a small to a Hawaiian small house courtyard each of these gardens make me appreciate the artful placement of rocks in their natural setting - outdoors.

The 17th-floor  of Washington Mutual Bank features this roof garden.

I first featured this bushfire resistant home (and garden) of architect Chris Clark in my Australia Day post Oz it Up Day.
I love the mix of materials with the timber, brick, rusted metal and great boulders and slabs of rock.

I was drawn to this image by it's simplicity and sense of peace. It is just enough for a small house. When space is limited any outdoor space gives you a chance to claim some back by bringing you back to nature - uncluttered simplicity does that well here.

I am increasingly convinced by the idea of making a native Australian garden and I don't just mean plant selection. I do love a meadow looking flowering European garden and grass and lawn but trying to replicate that here just doesn't make sense. Something like this with native plants, wandering paths, stones and timber sleepers would do just fine. Reminds me of a bush walk down to the beach.

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