Thursday, 5 July 2012

Rock My World Day - Art Rocks

Debra Baxter's eye catching 'Let her have her glory' sculpture of Celestite, glass and quartz crystal

Ramon Todo's beautifully juxtaposed sculpture 'volcanic bomb of Mt. Asama' (approx 20cm in size) using volcanic rock and glass

Jürgen Bergbauer's simple and elegant photographic series 'Studien nach der Natur'

The amazing ephemeral and prolific work of british nature scultptor Andy Goldsworthy - I struggled only showing these two and sticking to the theme as there are so many beautiful ones including snow and ice

Edward Burtynsky's Photography of quarries - beautiful ugliness

The muted tones of Danish landscape and architectural photographer Kim Høltermand work in the Tuve series 'A quiet morning with lots of fog at Lake Tuve (Tuvesjöen) in Sweden'

I think you will agree - Art Rocks!

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