Friday, 6 July 2012

Rock My World - THE Rock Ladies

So I am not married - happily paired 14 years this week mind, however if I ever were to go there I am not necessarily one of those 'diamonds are a girls best friend' kind of girls, I am mad for rutilated and tourmalated quartz and, as it turns out I am partial to a raw uncut diamond especially paired with a beautiful pearl.

I also don't buy into the need for a ring to be expensive, it's what it represents that counts. I mostly think it should reflect the wearer in an impressive way.

I find these impressive. Just 10 of my favourites!

And don't worry I signed my partner up to receive my blog posts ages ago on his behalf (he would have done so anyway but I just made sure) so if we ever we both change our minds I have saved him some time - tee hee

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