Friday, 27 July 2012

Found Friday

This week I have found the time for an FF - unlike last week which was given over to another FF - Ferocious Flu. Feeling better now finally - and it's a gorgeous sunny day.

Here is this weeks favourite finds. They seemed like a little family of finds to me so I snapped them together first.

Donkey - this is exactly as I found him, cocktail picks and all - it was the colours that appealed to me firstly but I also am a fan of donkeys - as you can see via my pin board 'That'll Do Donkey, That'll Do". I am not sure where he will live but I know I can't take those picks out just yet.

Lace and embroidered  hankies - so pretty

Little jars of cuteness. I don't know what these are exactly - they are the size of glitter containers but I found little white lolly type things in one and no I am not trying it to find out. I have no idea what they will become yet, maybe they will just continue to delight me with their colours like they did on seeing them.

Needlepoint house. I think I have been channeling my girly side this week as it is the pale blues, pinks and yellows in this that grabbed my eye. I am building towards a needlepoint mini gallery of my own I think.

A unicorn. I included my sons drawing at first just because I liked it but then I turned it this way and found a Unicorn - can you see it? I am not suggesting he is an artistic child genius - he still eats the crayons sometimes if I am not looking - but his random scribbles are precious to me.

I hope you like my random little family of finds. For me they they all relate and are a reflection of my mood expressed in colour and quirkiness - the sun is shining and it's getting warmer - maybe spring arrived early for me this week?

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