Friday, 27 July 2012

Paper - Paste It Part 1

What is the definition of almost impossible? A pattern loving Gemini with an interior design bent and an eclectic taste choosing a small selection of favourite wallpapers to show you. Almost impossible and agonisingly good as I have had to look and look and look at wallpaper after wallpaper - torture!

I love wallpaper! I can't wait until I can paste it all over a house to add the character, depth and texture it so brilliantly can. It might take me a while to decide though as you can see.

I couldn't chose one, two or even 10 to show you so I here are many beautiful, graphic, clever, colourful and room altering papers for your pleasure - more to come. I suspect that if I were to do this next week it would be totally different again. Who said Gemini's are fickle?

From Left to Right
  1. Ferm Living Dotty Yellow Paper
  2. Cole & Sons Woods
  3. Room Seven Check Red
  4. Fine Little Day Mountains
  5. Miss Print Mountains
  6. Fine Little Day Gran
  7. Nama Rococo Random Geometry
  8. Minakani Lab Mosaic
  9. Wall & Deco (Big Brand 10) Dream Town
  10. Cath Kidston Woodstock Rose
  11. Erica Wakerly Houses
  12. Nlxl Concrete Wallpaper by Piet Boon Concrete
Here are some of my favourite applications of the above. 

I am narrowing it down - maybe - until I see the next one.

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