Friday, 6 July 2012

Found Friday

I have had a fantastically full week for finding - if I didn't have rocks on the brain I would have spread these out. Deep breaths (that's for me) here we go.

Mini tourist souvenir plates  - I picked these up and even though they were individually priced there was no way I was leaving any of them behind - they are a family. I plan on hanging them like this together on a slither of wall next to my front door or possibly to move to my kitchen when it is renovated (fingers crossed later this year or early next)

While we are talking souvenirs my partner started to collect souvenir coasters a few years ago - when I say he started he did with one or two but I fuel it by bringing him home the odd treasure from my finding expeditions. This week I found two delightful packs of a 1970's or 80's New Zealand intact - happy anniversary honey.

Mr C's other collection is retro wooden serving bowls. He has collected a whole raft and this week I found a whole bag for him for only $2 (not all shown) - no expenses spared in our house in the gift giving stakes. He has a plan for them all which I will keep secret for now as I hope to show you when we get a bigger place.

I'm also loving my new retro phone table with drawer and magazine shelf. I saw this and ummed and ahhed before taking C there for a second opinion  - in that time it had been reduced to only $8 so I stopped umming and ahhing and just bought it - It needs a little TLC, especially reupholstering, but is fundamentally intact and the drawer is designed to swivel around to be positioned just right. I bought it home and sat it beside the front door for keys etc (although with a curious 18 month old I may need to rethink that) - I placed some of Mr C's new wooden bowls and this cushion on it and have been happily admiring it since.

I hope to reupholster it asap - maybe with this second hand fabric I have been saving for the right project?

But I do love the floral so maybe this vintage floral fabric I have also been looking for the perfect home for ? Which do you think?

I also found these chairs - they did have a table too but I was less impressed with that so re-donated it. These chairs are so simple and beautifully aged, although needing a little repair.

They make me think of chairs lined around and old fashioned dance hall - I almost feel I should just line them up around the room and ask people to wear their best outfits and sit around awkwardly together.

Lastly beauty, and in this case quality, is in the eye of the beholder.

No-one would say these scarves are the finest knitting, that the colours were carefully selected and that the execution isn't rough in places but that is why I love them. They would not appeal to me half as much if they looked like they had been made by a champion CWA crafter choosing obviously complimentary colour combinations and never dropping a stitch - toasty treasures.

Wow that was a great week - I find that is the way when it rains it poors and this week it rained vintage, homemade and quirky treasures.

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