Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Paper - Planes

A few too many years ago (need a holiday) my partner and I went on a trip around South East Asia en-route to live in the UK for a few years. We took in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos and it was great.

A small but memorable part of the 3 month long travels was a visit to a paper making village outside of Chiang Mai in Thailand. I am embarrassed to say the name of the village escapes me but the reason it was memorable, apart from the beautiful handmade papers, was that as soon as we arrived we saw some children playing on a second story balcony of a house. They flew down to us a paper plane and I remember being amused and delighted, what else would children in a paper village play with?

Here are some 'paper' planes that have caught my eye.
Each image has a link that will take you on a journey to the crafty soul who made it

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