Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Paper Pedigree

I first came across the work of artist Lizzie Buckmaster Dove in a feature on her sigh worthy home in Country Style Magazine here is a look at that feature so you can be as delighted by it as me.

Her work was some of the first carved and folded book artwork, that seems to be so prevalent now, I had seen and I think it is arguably some of the best. Her work, while not as 'spectacular' as some others I have seen, goes beyond using recycled paper products, including books and paint chips, to make decoration and the works are more narrative with lovely and intriguing surprises.

All images via NG Art Gallery where you can see more of her lovely works on in and of paper.

A History of Flight

On Green

Untitled Cabinet

Cluster of Ideas Essence

Tide Project, Things to be Forgotten, Australia ii

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