Friday, 13 July 2012

Found Friday

This weeks finds

It doesn't rain it pours - cross-stitch
These roses need a frame - I love the orange and white stripe washi tape next to it so maybe an orange stripe frame to make it pop, I'm already imagining how I might make that project work??

The little owl and the little house both need a little attention too and possibly a little more space to breathe, they seem a bit penned in in these wee frames - maybe it's just the gold trim.

I think the owl is perfect for a nursery or little boys room - the woodlands themed room I want to do for my little man may have just found a feathered friend. The house tapestry is a little twee as it is but I think I can dandy it up with an ultra bright frame say in green or orange and berry combined? Projects #178, #179, #180 (really I lost count a while ago)

This week I hunted this

And gathered these

On a beautiful walk through our local Botanic Gardens. There is so much space there for little legs to run and so many things to touch and see - we had a simple but delicious picnic by the duck pond, soaked up some winter sun and collected these cool leaves the simple things are the best.

And stole some cars, from my son that is, I bought him some bags of toy cars from the op-shop and amongst them were this yellow 50's looking number and this London black cab - there are lots more I hope he doesn't miss these.

Happy weekend - I hope you find what you are looking for. x

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