Monday, 2 July 2012

Rock My World - Not Animal or Vegetable

OK scientists I know I know a mineral is technically not a rock. Science hats on as we consult the scientific
oracle i.e. wikipedia

A mineral is a naturally occurring solid chemical substance formed through biogeochemical processes, having characteristic chemical composition, highly ordered atomic structure, and specific physical properties. 
By comparison, a rock is an aggregate of minerals and/or mineraloids and does not have a specific chemical composition.

Yeah yeah - let's look at the pretty rocks, I mean minerals.

For me these make me think that in all human artistic endeavour we have to work pretty hard to compete with nature then it makes me think - how inspiring.

Titanium Coated Quartz Crystals

Hematite with Quartz

Fluorite cubes on a Sphalerite coated matrix

Fluorite with Calcite

Flourite from Arizona

The lovely scarves below are silk featuring scans of rocks and minerals. It was hard to find an image that does them justice, when folded out they are quite unique and breathtaking. I came across the company Weston Earth Images via a show on ABC called Britain's Next Big Thing. The creator takes minerals and the inside of rocks and digitally scans them at a high resolution and creates these scarves, among other things. The second image is of their scanned Elestial Quartz.

The beautiful art print below is called Gemz and it is by New York artist Amber Ibarreche. I would love to see this expanded into a full wallpaper - it would be magic.

As an aside I cannot be held accountable for the accurate naming of the pretty rocks, I mean minerals, and if you haven't had enough of them I came across this tumblr blog dedicated entirely to minerals - a visual feast

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