Monday, 16 July 2012

Paper - Party

As promised here is the start of the second roshambo instalment - Paper, and as we are about to embark on a week long paper celebration I thought I would kick it off with all things paper in the party department - specifically inspiring paper decoration.

I created my own paper pom pom's, cake bunting topper and favour box creations for my little man's 1st birthday last December which you can see here.

I was first introduced to the beauty of these simple but effective paper pom poms by a design teacher of mine at a class celebration - I then went hunting for the Marta Stewart tutorial and it really is very easy - and so adaptable - here are some great applications.

Here are some other favourite celebrations in paper from some crafty people

The paper chain - a childhood favourite and still so festive

Breathtaking paper wheel installations

Garland's galore - I especially love the paper doilies

Cupcake conversions

And all we need is love

I hope you are inspired to get crafty for your next shindig there are so many ideas here I want to try I may just have to invent reasons to party - what a shame!

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