Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Paper - The Perfect Pendants

Sorry once again for my hiatus on the paper parade - I have been temporarily waylaid by a flu like lurgy and a had a few busy days.

One of my busy day activities yesterday took me on a photo shoot to gain some work experience with a fantastic stylist and see how it all comes together - an amazing opportunity and a great day.

Paper lamps and lanterns have indeed been on my 'Paper' to do list and as it turns out the beautiful home in Palm Beach where the photo shoot took place featured a large and beautiful Noguchi paper pendant, much like this one below, over the dining table.

While leading up to this post I have researched and gathered many beautiful paper light, lantern and lamp creations to show you seeing this reminded me that the beauty and simplicity of a simple white round paper pendant, especially on a beautiful scale like this in a space with high ceilings, or a grouping of simple white shades on mass is often all the statement that is needed.

I have pretty much always had smaller scale cheaper versions of white paper pendants in my home and while this started out of necessity due to their affordability I think I will now give them a little more respect. I hope you have enjoyed their simple elegance too. I promise I will save up some of the other paper lamps and lanterns I have discovered on the way for another post in the not too distant future - you can never have enough lamps I say!

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