Sunday, 11 March 2012

Apple A Day - Day 4 - Brooch

I am a big fan and collector of brooches - it is the vintage girl in me but also because I tend to have allergic reactions to earrings and even bracelets and necklaces - brooches are safe - apart from potential prick injuries - which I have done.

With this and my apple cravings in mind my sister recently bought me this beautiful gift - a green apple brooch from Love Hate in Tasmania. I do absolutely love it and hope to give it a first outing tomorrow.

It also made me seek out other apple brooches (you can never have too much of a good thing). Two of my favourite finds are this vintage plastic one via Kitten Loves Vintage blog

And this fantastic one off apple tree brooch by Irish jewellery designer Grainne Morton
(shown here with detachable rabbit and flower pins).

Now I need to go check out the wardrobe and see if I have the perfect thing to wear with my green apple brooch tomorrow - if not I will definitely need to shop soon!

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