Friday, 16 March 2012

Found Friday

Firstly to all those who received a strange incomplete email version of this earlier today apologies - lesson learnt - don't leave
the page open with a curious toddler on your lap - one mouse click and oh - published - it's that kind of day.

Now to my FF. In the move we did recently I found all of my design boards from my Interior Decoration and Design Tafe course.

This one caught my eye in particular because it was my plans for a makeover our now former loungeroom (no that's not a picture
of it just an inspiration). As I am moving on from that room I was wondering what I would still keep.

Among the ideas of what I would have done - money and ownership of said house permitting was the grey knit
'Urchin Pouf' ottoman by Thomas Eyck - this one 

Now I am a huge believer in supporting original design and where possible buying the real thing. Is it always possible though?
In some cases they don't ship to Australia, in most cases they do but ouch the price. So with that philosophy in mind I share with you my Friday Find with some guilt but also a lot of pleasure. 

I won't name the major haberdasher chain store where I bought this ottoman that is reminiscent of the one above but it was a bargain - a find of sorts for sure. Is it really close to the one of my dreams - maybe. Is it as delightfully thick knitted and textural as the original? No. Will it last as long? Probably not. Is it 100% New Zealand wool? I doubt it (I must admit I didn't check), but is it 27 times cheaper? Yes. Thus is my reality and many peoples. And there it is my guilty, pleasurable FF.

It has taken pride of place in our loungeroom - not just as an ottoman, a role it performs well in the evening for 4 sometimes weary feet, but during the day it is a giant 'ball' that can be climbed on and dived off - endless fun.

I do still very much love the Urchin Pouf and maybe someday it too will be mine.

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