Friday, 23 March 2012

Found Friday

I am often asked how I manage to find things - little vintage this and thats or little treasures. I also understand when people ask this there is really a 2nd part to the question that is implied - for that price? Because let's face it you can find anything with enough
money - supposedly not happiness but I have never really been given the opportunity to thoroughly test that out - might I just say
that I am more than willing to be an experimental case for anyone willing to offer.

The secret thing for me about 'finding' is no secret at all - it's looking. Everywhere and ALL the time.

Today's FF is the perfect example. A few weeks ago I was sampling what one of my new local op shops had to offer and discovered these oh so cute little yellow wood and metal children's chairs. There was no price only a big green dot sticker on them - not to be deterred I took them to the counter only to be shown the sign that clearly states big green dot sticker items are 'Not For Sale'.

Presumably no children came into the shop needing to sit in the weeks since because on return this week there they were no longer sporting green dots but little white stickers that said $3.

Now they are mine - I can sit on one just. More truthfully they are my sons and his cousin and friends when they visit.

Now the looking, and hopefully finding, continues for the perfect little table. A few years back I found the best little one for my nephew which was a round 60's coffee table with wooden legs. I painted the top with chalk paint and it has served him well.

Let the looking begin!

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