Friday, 2 March 2012

Found Friday Part 2

I neglected to mention my other scores of second hand finding goodness this week

- A new hat for my head (actually brand new tag still on) $3
- A ceramic casserole dish that matches my teapots of the same kind - Diana Pottery 'Nefertiti' from around 1960. I have been looking them up and the teapots may be real (in storage currently so hard to check but they will definitely get a good inspection when I unwrap them) but I think this is almost certainly a copy as there are no marks at all. Ah well I still love the colour, shape and texture
- And in fulfilment of my motherly duty of fuelling the obsession a pull along Thomas complete with his gal pals Annie and Clarabel - it choo choos and toot toots as well and has done many a circuit of our house this week

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