Monday, 12 March 2012

Apple A Day - Day 5 - Kitschspiration

Today I am killing two birds with one stone - a little reminiscing about my old house and the finds I displayed there and this weeks theme - apples.

Thinking about apples I realised the whole thing started at our old house well before we were planning a nursery.

When we first moved in we were confronted with the kitchen/dining room and what on earth we could do with it. There were brown, yellow and orange floor tiles straight out of an 80's nightmare with brown laminate bench tops and beige walls. The only saving grace was this rather cute apple tile which featured on the splash back behind the bench and sink.

I realised I had only one choice - there was no way I could fight this I would have to join it. Consequently I went straight to a bargain shop and bought some glass fruit, a red and green glass apple and an orange.

This became the starting point for the collection of kitchenalia, glassware and enamelware that then graced my kitchen display shelf.
It was a salute to kitsch and generally cheered the place up for me.

I am also addicted to retro tea and coffee pots and have gathered quite a few in finding expeditions so I wanted to display them in the kitchen as well. I found a glass cabinet which I think was once the top of a larger dresser but fits the bill for me just fine. This too allowed me to kitsch it up and go with the brown, orange and beige colour scheme we inherited from the bad 80's renovation. I loved having everything on display. Alas for now there is not enough room at the new place so most is in storage but I look forward to discovering it again when we extend or move.

Tomorrow's daily apple is going to be bought to you by my sister Kelly who largely inspired me to start this whole apple caper. 
I am lucky to have two very creative, compassionate and caring sisters. I hope tomorrow will not be the last guest post from 
either of them.

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