Friday, 2 March 2012

Found Friday

I'll give give you a tip - when you go to one just unload and leave. We didn't.

Then it's not really in either of our natures to do so. Especially when they have for sale signs on things and when you ask how much it's a dollar here $2 there why worry that you have a garage full of boxed up little items much the same.

So once we had unloaded our trash we paid good money to bring other peoples home - well not really good money just a little.

The main joyous little find were these 3 wind up alarm Clocks. None of them work from what I can tell but I don't mind I love looking at them - besides I have a green one that does work and never wind it because the ticking in this digital age is a little annoying I must say.

The black one is made in Scotland around 1960 and is a Big Ben Repeater. The other 2 are made in China and I have not found any matches in any searches I have done but I suspect they are around the same age. The deco-esq fonts on the face of these 2, which I love most of all, would suggest they are older but I suspect they were being retro with that even then.

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  1. I too have a few groovy old clocks that I don't dare wind up. How anyone got sleep in the 60's with these babies ticking away beside them is beyond me.