Friday, 30 March 2012

Found Friday

So I am away at the moment back home at my parents on the North Coast of NSW for a little over a week - finding myself on walks along the river and hopefully at the beach staring out at the ocean.

I could tell you exactly where I am but then I would have to do something drastic - like a good journalist a keen Op Shopper never reveals their sources. I think this trip I set a new record, 5 Op Shops before midday on my first day. A finding blitz! Here are treasures - so far!

Old fashioned folding paper decorations

Crochet doily #782 (I haven't really counted but this figure would not surprise me)

Crochet blanket #143 (again not really but possible)



Aprons #67, 68 & 69 (just kidding - maybe - but you get the point). The children's ones are particularly sweet

Beaded coin purse

70's looking placemats. I hope to use one of these to cover a small lampshade on a new glass lamp in the loungeroom - these are the exact colours I was looking for to introduce some pattern into the space as it's looking a little flat - fingers crossed it works out

Fabric - oh the pants suit that exists somewhere in this - or so I imagine. 

A whole week left of spending time with family, catching up with long time great friends, relaxing and of course finding. Several more small little towns in the area with some of my favourite Op Shops to go - I love coming home.

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