Saturday, 10 March 2012

Apple A Day - Day 3 - Cushions

Yesterday I said that I wanted to share with you an apple a day for a week - inspired by all my apple madness and my fab sister.

This is day 3 because I am cheating and using my little man's old room and yesterday's Found Friday as Day 1 & 2.

One of the appley things I wanted to do in the nursery but never got around too was make an apple cushion to go on the red armchair. I never did find the time - only the ideas. On reflection I could have just paid for someone else's crafty goodness and I found these beautiful ones on Etsy, my go to for all things handmade, which would have fit the bill nicely.

The last of these lead me to a beautiful little Etsy store by Jane Foster Designs with Scandinavian style handmade products including softies. I would love to get one of these in time for Easter. What do you think?

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