Friday, 24 August 2012

Found Friday

I did some good finding this week - unfortunately I haven't managed to capture it all here to show you as I have assignments due and a little person who decided that he didn't need sleep today - ah well an excuse to show you more over the next week/s. In fact a lot of my findings are things for me to wear - spring things - spots and stripes and silk and clogs - bring on spring - so I will have to wear them and show you that way - come on warmer weather you're almost here.

Here are the finding highlights of the week.

Number one is this needlepoint - yes I am obsessed but this might well be the best yet. It caught my eye immediately then I was excited as I am planning a woodlands themed bedroom for the little man when he changes rooms after the renovation (I keep talking about it but it will happen - plans to show you soon if I get my act together and find time instead of needlepoints). After consideration though he might not get it and he may have to share it with us somewhere more prominent as I like it soooo much.

Orange floral pillowcases - these add the zing to the bed I was looking for. I also found 2 of them in pink but that may be a step too far in the girly direction for a room I share with the fella.

I have gathered quite a few of these Nana style coat hangers and I am mad for Poly knit (at least I think that's what it's called and I found a whole bag of it in neon colours a while ago and have a project in mind for it I hope to share with you soon) This though is a very fine example indeed.

Gingham and cross stitch - was there a better match ever made? Yellow and black tablecloth in the aforementioned 'love in' combo needing an iron and a tea party on my dining table.

A favourite find, and one that has been a while in the finding, is this little yellow table - you may recall when I found these little yellow chairs pictured with it, part of a Found Friday all the way back in March - proof that persistence and obsessive op shopping do pay off. I am still in 2 minds about painting part of the top in chalk paint - maybe as a cross pattern so there are 4 segments - and maybe a colour not black hmmm?? I will let you know - I do know that it is already a hit.

Lastly a little sneak peek of some pre-arrangment weed collections from my walk this afternoon - time and daylight have escaped me to show you them as they are now but stay tuned
Happy finding for a fabulous weekend - I am assignmenting and finding second wins and also hopefully inspiration
as I check out some art at the Biennale with friends and family. Let me know what you get up to and if you find anything special.

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