Thursday, 16 August 2012

Scissors - That made the cut

So the final week of my three week Roshambo fest (Rock, Paper and Scissor) is up.

All the blog posts on Rocks can be seen via Rock My Round Up.
And those on paper can be seen via Paper - All wrapped up

This week I have just finished Scissors - and if you are thinking that was a long week sorry my definition of a week is a little lose again.

Here are the Scissors that made the cut

Scissors - First Cut - The beautifully simple graphic silk screen print by artist Alanna Cavanagh 

Scissors - Beauty and Utility - Some covetable cutters

Scissors - Drawn at 20 paces - A sustainable sketch book to inspire your doodling and craftiness

Scissors - So Styled_ish - Scissors a stylists best friend - lovely vignettes from the professional displayers

Scissors - She cuts it fine - My sister, my favourite snipper

Scissors - Cut and paste up - Wall decals of imperfect beauty - and some odd little sketches of my own

And there it is the last of the Roshambo's

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey of Rock, Paper and Scissors. Have you had a favourite? I would love to hear what it was. I think I could have done all of then another 2 times over again at least for all the rock, paper and scissor inspired designs, artworks and images I haven't shown you. Maybe we can have another game sometime.

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