Monday, 10 September 2012

Finding Dandy

Hi There - I have been a little quiet here of late so just an update - I know I skipped Found Friday last week and I am sorry - I had great finds just no time to snap them and get it all together.

No time - seems to be the status quo lately.

I would love to say I am off Finding Dandy because I have never before in my life been so brimming with ideas and so short on time to execute them. This is what I wish I was doing with my time right now. In reality I am doing assignments, have started a new job and we are nursing the household through (hopefully) the last of the winter lurgies.

I may not be here much for the next few weeks so apologies in advance.

I will still be doing the odd little snippet on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram so you may catch me there. I am going to try really hard to find the time to find that dandy which can only result in me having so much more to show you when I'm back. Let's hope the ideas keep coming in the night.

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