Sunday, 30 September 2012

Found Friday

So here is Found Friday or as I like to call it today - Sourced Sunday - oops! Better late than never.

The first of this weeks finds could see me getting all studious but really my love of these has nothing at all to do with maths. I saw this beat up box and was immediately drawn but the graphics (as grubby as it looked)

The contents for me mean inspire never ending possibilities of graphic sculptural displays - line, form and shape, building block heaven.

These books are to add to my growing collection of vintage books I have because I like the covers - why not! I love the way they go together in that perfect favourite colour combination way, red and green-blue - it makes you want to sail away to somewhere coastal - like, let's see? George Town! This mini tourist plate joins the collection featured in this July Found Friday - wall display coming soon.

Lastly here are my two favourite Instagram finding shots this week

I found this ribbon peeking out of a basket at my sisters place - material magic if you ask me - wicker and black and white stripes with a sideline of soft pink.

I found this little house with red shutters on a walk around Stanmore yesterday trying (in vain) to get a little person to sleep in the pram. It immediately made me smile and think of the Miffy book Santa bought for the very same little person the year that he was born (1 week old in fact) "Mr and Mr's Bunny lived in a house with scarlet shutters on their own" ..... "if we could have a baby now how lovely it would be then I could shop and cook and sew for three". It is lovely too!

I hope that your weekend has been lovely and that you have had time to notice things peeking out at you as you have gone along.

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