Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Finding Everywhere

Tri Colour
It seems there are three sides to every story, and many colours - triangles of bold colour keep catching my eye and I am not alone

1. Geometric Electric Cushion via Etsy
2. Multicolor Long Sleeve Triangle Print Jumper from SheInside. I would love to cosy in this for winter
3. Tiny little Triangle pendants chains from Minoux
4. Artist Eamon Donnelly's fine art print  #1 from the Tri Colour Series. This is only one of several in the series.
5. Mountain Tank shirt by Gorman in collaboration with artist Ellie Malin
6. Themis DIY Geometric paper mobile by Clara von Zweigbergk available via Top3 By Design. This is great for adults or kids.
7. Ferm living's spear vase
8. Triangle shelves/blocks/wall candy by Subtle Takeover
9. Mosaic wallpaper by Minakani Lab - I have featured this before and am mad about it but sadly have found no Australian supplier so far
10. Australian artist Beci Orpin always inspires me with colour and whimsy this cushion is from her collaboration with Urban Outfitters

If you get my tri-colour point you might like to check out these great DIY's I found

DIY painted plates from ConfettiPop

Amazing modern triangle quilt by Happy Together

A festive felt triangle garland by The Alison Show

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