Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Finding Everywhere

Welcome to the first of what will be a weekly post of things I am "Finding Everywhere".
This is a little like trend spotting - no not train spotting - but a selection of things I have noticed reoccurring in my world, virtual or otherwise.

It could just be that it is something I am interested in and you know how when you buy a new car all of a sudden you see the same one everywhere you go - surely the world did not just produce so many more cars just like yours but suddenly you are very aware they exist. It is a bit like me and little red headed people - when I had one of my very own there were suddenly so many more crimson haired little folk everywhere I went.

Here is what I have been Finding Everywhere - Honeycombs and Hexagons

1. Zazzle Modern Hexagon Pattern Pillow
2. Geo Pastel 6 Hexagon, part of Beneath the Sun's Woodys range
3. MintMyDay Gold plated honeycomb necklace via Etsy
4. Mutina Phenomenon Honeycomb and Rock mosaic tiles
5. Xenia Taler Insects Art Tile, as seen via Design Sponge this week
6. HenriettaAndMorty Geometric cushion cover via Etsy
7. Marc Isaac Hexagon No. 1 Art print through Society6
8. Theory of Willow Shelves, as seen via Interiors Addict this week
9. The Land of Nod large Strapped for Storage Bin
10. Surya Fallon Rug in royal blue, available in Australia via fishpond

That's the honeycomb and hexagon buzz

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