Friday, 19 April 2013

Found Friday

I haven't done one of these for a while so here is a little catch up of just some scoops and scores from my latest trips to the op shops and related bargain bestowing places I like to frequent.

A cuter than cute vintage cosmetic case

Snooker balls - because we all need snooker balls right? 
Actually my vision for these is to have them in a nice wooden bowl as a centrepiece of vibrant colour. 
That will only work when the little people around here are big enough not to throw them. 
I can wait - just!

Some very now - but really old school - macrame 

And my favourite a classic rocking horse! It now has pride of place in the little mans room. 
It also has a home made cloth saddle that I intend to use as a pattern to make my own fresh one. 
On top an 80's plastic apple money box who has a little worm that pops up to say hello every time you add a coin.

Hope your weekends are full of happy findings folks.

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