Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Absent ponderings


What is that all I have to say after all this time - I don't write, I don't post - I disappear without so much as a postcard?

Yeah - sorry!

Hopefully some of you have been kept up to date with my ramblings and rovings over at Facebook or Instagram - I haven't dropped off the planet completely I have just been a bit creativity and energy deficient - something I hope to make up for in the coming days/weeks/months. I'm back!

So where have I been?

Well nowhere really just here in a different way - my main excuse, and I don't really have any other good ones, is that I haven't been feeling that well for a lot of the months of January, February and March but don't feel sorry for me - it has been the best kind of unwell. Un-wellness caused by the best kind of joy and blessing. I am delighted to say another little person is growing inside me and was making me delightedly tired and perpetually sea sick. I am now feeling on land and with some spark again as I reach half way in this growing journey - we hope to welcome our little 'beannut' (who is now called that in absence of any better name) in late August.

Here is a little pic that sums up my thoughts. It is an instagram pic I posted a few weeks back when I was tagged by the lovely Heather of  Ollie and Ruby to post up a #hopestagram. A hopestagram is a picture that captures your hopes. Here is my pic and the words that went with it

"My biggest hope this year is that this little person growing inside me is as healthy happy and lovely as their brother to be, that I find somewhere the time to be the best mummy possible to them both, oh and that this day in day out motion sickness feeling goes soon."

Well we are part of the way there. Now my hope is to not leave it so long before I post again.

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