Thursday, 13 June 2013

Appreciate or Emulate

With a photographer as a partner I am never short of a visual feast. Living with great images is truly a joy.

In Monday's Finding Everywhere you would have seen how living with great pics can be taken to new extremes, and onto anything you could imagine, here are some more ideas on how you can take that great image off the camera, computer or phone and bring it into your home and life.

Ordinarily I would also include here ideas on how to Celebrate, Titivate and Participate but this time I have just found too many beautiful images and pin-spirations so decided to break it up.

I am lucky enough to have access to some great pics but like builders houses never being complete we haven't gotten around to hanging many of my partners photos yet - one of the reasons is we need it to be BIG - the bigger the better - and that takes finding the right wall and the right frame and, well, the funds. Soon though we will maximise the prints and I can only hope to achieve something like this.

Below is a selection of interiors that truly sing because of the great photo print on the wall.

If you are feeling even bolder and more cashed up make it even BIGGER - the whole wall in fact.

The serenity created by the first two is something special but this last one is beautifully whimsical and 70's esq. I am regretting the fact that I once lived in a house in my early 20's with a pine forest scene wallpaper in the foyer and didn't take a photo - memories.

Great photos can truly take you places - even in your own home.

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