Friday, 28 June 2013

Found Friday

In a week where we have the roof off the garage and all our belongings in the yard in trailers under tarpaulins accompanied by Sydney's wettest weather in months, nay years, you would think the idea of purchasing more stuff would be the farthest from my mind. You would think, but  the op shops call to me. I was literally driving home and was compelled to turn left and visit an op shop I hadn't seen in a while. I tried to convince myself that it was because I had some things to donate in the boot, yes I do take stuff there too, but really I only remembered them when I had my haul to fit in. I was excitedly blessed by a number of little joyful finds and only share some with you here.

A milk glass bowl with pink rose detail sitting on top of some Irish linen placemats in the most divinely complimentary colours that come with matching napkins.

The placemats were part of a $2 linen lottery bag along with some gingham green and blue placemats. I love an opshop lucky dip! For those uninitiated some opshops bundle less valuable items together in bags to sell more and clear room - often you can't see all the contents so you take a bit of a gamble as to what's really inside but it's hardly high stakes and usually pays off. The anticipation is worth it and what I don't want I donate back - win win!

I hope your gambles pay up big this weekend, or even just small in the most delightful way.

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