Monday, 15 July 2013

Appreciate or Emulate - Part 4

I have awarded myself the unofficial record for the longest winded blog post of all time. It is extremely unofficial and it is an anti-award type of award - there will be no trophy or ceremony I'm afraid.

I started sharing my photo print Appreciate or Emulate ideas with you a month ago so for a post that normally comes to you in one hit I have managed to give it to you in 4 hits over 4 weeks - some achievement! I can blame things like pregnancy vagues, tonsilitis and a little foray into vignetting distractions which you can see via my facebook page here.

But finally I arrive at the bit where it's all about you. Participate!

There are so many great DIY's with photo's and photo print but here I share just a few that I found inspiring.

I must add a disclaimer here that I have yet to try these myself - it is a case of sharing with you to motivate me. I would also urge you if you are going to try any of these to use your own images, or one you have permission to use - so much more personal and not using someones else's hard snapped shot without their permission.

'Textural' storage boxes via Craft and Creativity. This DIY uses bought paper but you could easily take, print and use your own images depending on the size of the box you want to cover. Make sure you take your images on the largest size on a high pixel camera for the best quality possible. I though it would work well with close ups of your favourite foliage, stones or textured weathered timbers - for kids room storage you could photograph grouped toys such as block or toys - indicating what's inside.

A favourite blog of mine which often has great DIY's is Poppytalk. I first discovered them as Poppytalk Handmade which is as a monthly online curated marketplace showcasing the handmade goods of emerging designers. It is well worth a look. This cushion DIY, which even as a tentative novice sewer I was excited by, uses the services of another great online resource Spoonflower - somewhere you can design your own custom fabric, wallpaper, decals and even gift wrap. It is not as expensive as you may think and I am searching my image files for the perfect project right now!

This last one from Fellow Fellow is a little technical but wow what an impact. It actually uses fewer materials to make it than you might think and with the right image to use and a steady cutting hand it could be achieved more easily than at first it might appear. The best thing is you could photocopy and practice would make perfect without being too expensive. Imagine a row of these greeting guests at a themed event or making a xmas themed display like this. Magical!

Will you be trying any of these? I would love to see any results if you do - head along to my facebook page to share. I also hope to share some of my own in the not too distant future.

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