Friday, 29 June 2012

Found Friday

I went for a little finding outing today - very briefly. I love to look at the children's book section of op shops in the hope of finding a little vintage or classic gem. I never overlook the torn or falling apart ones as often the illustrations are beautiful enough to be framed art in their own right. I would never consider breaking up a perfectly good book to produce art for the walls, books are sacred like that, but if the book has seen better days then they are worth a look for a single page that is perfect. I found a book today that was just that 'A Home for Bunny' - it isn't that old, a printing from 1983, but the original book was published in 1956. Here is the page I have taken from it with an idea of the frame I will put around it. I think it would be beautiful in a little boys nursery or possibly twins "And that was his home".

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