Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rock My World Day - Zen Step

I came across this image below via the website for the magazine. It features articles on all things design including houses.

This image is from a home north of Copenhagen. On seeing it I was impressed by the sense of grounded-ness this would give you in your home - especially to walk over it with barefeet several times a day.

I have always had rocks or stones in my home - small ones from my travels and some larger ones but never on this beautiful scale and as not as part of the 'furniture'.

The architects included this stepping stone as a nod to zen architecture. “In most traditional wooden houses and temples in Japan, the house is lifted above the garden, and the transition is always marked by a sculptural stepping stone”.

It is another element in the layers of meaning and feeling in the design of this house whose name "hygge", which has no real direct equivalent in English, in Danish describes the warm, cozy feeling that develops when friends gather in a room withsome open flames (candlelight, fireplace), alcohol, and plenty of time to enjoy the experience. I want a bit of hygge!

You can see the whole house and read the full article here. While the design doesn't necessarily translate to an Australian aesthetic, being all white Nordic appropriate for the cold winters, the use of space and atmosphere are nice to visit.

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