Monday, 5 December 2011

The Essence of Find & Dandy

As I embark on this new blogging adventure I was looking for words and images that might help
explain what Find and Dandy is going to be all about.

I hope it is going to be, as it says above, about my adventures in finding all manner of things
and dandying them up (new word), but about also about sharing the excitement on discovering
something new.

A find: something found; a discovery, especially a valuable or gratifying one.

More than that though it is an opportunity for me to, rather publicly, find myself.
Finding oneself: to discover where one's real interests or talents lie, and follow them.
I have started a little pinboard via Pinterest as a taster of ideas, sayings and images that might get things started and really just for fun (and because I am addicted to pinning). You might like to check out some
of my other boards while you're there.

Find & Dandy via Pinterest

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