Monday, 19 December 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man

My little boy turned one on Saturday - oh my how that has flown

The party went beautifully and the weather stayed clear so we enjoyed a beautiful morning in the park with family and some friends.

The decorations and party favours all turned out as I hoped but I was especially happy with the cake and his name bunting topper that matched the invitations. My craziness of separating a kilo bag of smarties into colours so only the 'right' ones made it onto the cake paid off I think - I remain grateful of my craziness. See some pictures below.

While I am grateful the party went well I am mostly grateful for having this dandy little fella in my life, there are some days I feel I will explode with it and moments so fabulous I would have hardly thought they were possible 368 odd days ago. I am the luckiest by far.

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